• 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.
  • Needham Free Public Library

Needham Free Public Library Board of Trustees recorded meetings 


The Library is governed by an elected board of trustees consisting of seven members:

  • Robert A Petitt, Chair (term expires 2022)
  • Kay Cahill, Vice-Chair (term expires 2022)
  • Anna Giraldo Kerr, Secretary (term expires 2024)
  • Carol J. Thomas, (term expires 2023)
  • Thomas M. Harkins, (term expires 2023)
  • Jay M. Fialkov (term expires 2024)
  • Rick Hardy, (term expires 2023)


  • Adopts bylaws (PDF) for board procedures
  • Attends and participates in all regular meetings
  • Reviews reports; solicits information; obtains feedback from the community and personally uses the library
  • Analyzes the community and considers the strengths and the weaknesses of library service
  • Approves goals, adopts both short and long-range plans for library growth
  • Actively supports a budget for adequate library funding
  • Keeps informed of the financial status, funding sources, and needs of the library
  • Undertakes special fund raising programs to raise money for the library
  • Reads trustee materials and library-related publications
  • Sees that new trustees have planned orientation
  • Attends local, state, and national trustee or library-related meetings whenever possible